As experts in small business development, small business certifications, business coaching, training, program compliance reviews and project management, our service offerings will propel you to your next level.

Small Business Development & Coaching

Toulson Enterprises helps Small Businesses to develop the necessary skills and capacity needed to be successful entrepreneurs through business assessments, coaching, personal grooming, project management and strategic partnership alliances.

As Business Coaches we utilize the effective and proven techniques to assist individual managers and staff in achieving their personal professional and Organizational goals and objectives. Our services are provided on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting.

We also offer a wide range of instructional design and train-the-trainer solutions. We have been successful in enhancing the capabilities of organizations by developing and delivering tailored presentations. Toulson Enterprises develops quality presentations and with the specific focus on improving organizational goals by, impart, working within established frameworks, scheduling and timeframes while meeting 508 requirements in the delivery of training services.

Project  & Contract Management

Toulson Enterprises provides small and minority enterprises with business development strategies, techniques, and services across all departments necessary to conduct efficient and profitable enterprises. We have the capability to serve either as your counselor in general business matters, or as a prime contractor or teaming partner for those engaged in government contracting that desire additional support.

An area in which we excel is in managing contracts-both private sector and government. As part of a contract, you will be faced with having to provide the actual management of the work specified. As your business grows, so does the demand upon infrastructure and resources.

We specialize in serving as the Project or Co-Project Manager and providing day-to-day contract management and oversight responsibilities, such as interfacing with customers, collaborating with workforce specialists to determine resource needs, organizing and tracking work activities, and conducting performance assessments.

Program & Contract Compliance Reviews

Toulson Enterprises works with organizations to conduct program and/or contract compliance reviews to assure their small business contractors are operating within established written policies, procedures and guidelines.

As such we have the knowledge and expertise to conduct in-depth investigations and audits on small businesses engaged in government work to validate pre-qualification certificates, DBE small business designations, designated areas of contract eligibility, workforce compliance and size standards; and, assist our clients in establishing methods to improve efficiency and quality of services, and to reduce the vulnerability of fraud, abuse and waste.

Our services also include program and contract compliance monitoring services to assure small businesses remain in good standing through-out the work relationship cycle.

Small Business Certification Assistance

Small Business Certifications offer unique benefits to small businesses who are considered to be Economically and/or Socially Disadvantaged.

One big advantage of a Small Business Certification is that it positions your Company to have access to Federal, State and Military Contract Opportunities on a ‘Restricted or Non-Competitive basis’.

We Offer Five (5) Levels of Service to Our Clients:

(1) The Client completes their application and engages Toulson Enterprises in a Consultation to address 8A Program and/Technical questions. (NEW)

(2) The Client completes their application under the limited guidance of Toulson Enterprises. After full completion of the Application, the client will submit their Application to Toulson Enterprises prior to submission to SBA. Upon receipt of the Client’s Application, we will review for completeness and the identification of application deficiencies. The Client will receive a detailed written report of our findings.

(3) The Client completes their Application under the guidance of Toulson Enterprises. During the Application process Toulson Enterprises will serve as an Expert Resource to provide Unlimited Oral Consultation and Guidance to the Client. Upon the Client completing their application, we will review it to assure completeness and the identification of any application deficiencies which may adversely affect a favorable outcome from SBA. Our findings will be outlined in a detailed written report to the client which will include corrective measure recommendations. Services will also include assisting the client with responding to any questions from SBA. (BEST VALUE).

(4) Toulson Enterprises’ completes the Client’s Application, and prepares all of the required SBA Forms and Documents; Prepares ONE Special Narrative; Provides Unlimited Oral Consultation. Client files Online Application to SBA and is responsible for responding to any inquiries from SBA.

(5) The Client receives FULL APPLICATION Services. Under this option, Toulson Enterprises completes the client’s application to include all SBA Forms & Documents; Provides Unlimited Oral Consultation; Preparation of one Special narrative; Online Electronic Application Filing; and Preparation of inquiries from SBA.

GSA Schedule Application Assistance

GSA Schedules are also referred to as Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) and Federal Supply Schedules. Under the GSA Schedules program, GSA establishes long-term government contracts with Commercial Firms. As such potential customers have access to over 11 million products and/ or services at volume discount pricing, and a GSA Schedule provides a fast, flexible and cost-effective procurement solution to their customers.

Some of the benefits a customer will experience when using you as an approved GSA Schedule vendor is as follows:

» Cost savings
» Flexibility and Choice
» Save Time
» Achieve Transparency
» Control of the Procurement
» Preapproved Vendor

We offer Three (3) levels of Service to our Clients:

(1) Clients are to complete the Application under the guidance of Toulson Enterprises.. Upon full completion of the Application, the client will submit their application to Toulson Enterprises. Upon receipt we will review it for completeness and to identify application deficiencies. The client will receive a detail written report of our findings.

(2) Option #2 Clients are to complete the Application under the guidance of Toulson Enterprises. During the application process Toulson Enterprises will serve as an expert resource to provide unlimited oral consultation and limited written guidance to the client and review all completed documents to assure completeness and to identify any deficiencies which could adversely affect application approval by GSA. Our review will also include a written report to identify application deficiencies along with corrective measures.

(3) Clients receive Full Application Services. Under this option Toulson Enterprises will complete the GSA Schedule Application with the client serving as a resource to procure all and any information requested by Toulson Enterprises to complete the Application. Under this option, the Client still assumes the sole responsibility for the completion of the (1) GSA Training Course, (2) SAM registration,(3) ORCA, (4) Financial Statements, and(5) Open Ratings requirements.

Telecommunications & Data Cabling

Toulson Enterprises provides professional full service telecommunications services with extensive capabilities in the cabling industry as well. We provide a wide range of telecommunication sales, solutions and personnel to both government and commercial clients throughout the mid-Atlantic region from Maine to Maryland, we pride ourselves on our reputation for quality and safety. With offices in Maryland and Pennsylvania, we are never too far from our clients.

Toulson Enterprises has the design, engineering and installation expertise to handle any size project.

Our Services include:

(1) Design & Engineering
Whether its a new installation or retrofit, our knowledgeable staff can design a system that fits your needs.

(2) Site Documentation
We will inventory your site to provide you with up-to-date records verification on your station locations and rack layouts and will even re-certify the cable plan to insure that it meets industry standards.

(3)  Installation
Installations by our professional and friendly staff will provide maximum performance for your voice and data systems, utilizing Category 5e, Category 6, Category 7 and Optical Fiber Cable. We also handle paging and alarm systems along with wireless technologies.

(4) Project Management
For those critical projects where you want that peace of mind knowing that you have an experienced and qualified representative looking out for your interests.

(5) Material Acquisition
Let Toulson Enterprises be your one-stop-shop for all of your telecommunications needs.