Small Business Certifications

Small Business Certifications offer unique benefits to small businesses who are considered to be Economically and/or Socially Disadvantaged.

One big advantage of a Small Business Certification is that it positions your Company to have access to Federal, State and Military Contract Opportunities on a ‘Restricted or Non-Competitive basis'.

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Types of Small Business Certifications:
» 8A
» Hubzone
» State & Local
» Veterans

We are considered the TOP SMALL BUSINESS CERTIFICATION COMPANY in the Country based on Knowledge, Experience and number of Certification Experts on staff. OUR CERTIFICATION APPROVAL RATE (97%) IS THE HIGHEST IN THE INDUSTRY!!!

(The better way to get Your Business Certified)

We Offer Four (4) Levels of Service to Our Clients:

Option #1 The Client completes their application under the limited guidance of Toulson Enterprises. After full completion of the Application, the client will submit their Application to Toulson Enterprises prior to submission to the Certifying Agency. Upon receipt of the Client's Application, we will review for completeness and the identification of application deficiencies. The Client will receive a detailed written report of our findings.

Option #2 The Client completes their Application under the guidance of Toulson Enterprises. During the Application process Toulson Enterprises will serve as an Expert Resource to provide Unlimited Oral Consultation and Guidance to the Client. Upon the Client completing their application, we will review it to assure completeness and the identification of any application deficiencies which may adversely affect a favorable outcome from the Certifying Agency. Our findings will be outlined in a detailed written report to the client which will include corrective measure recommendations. Services will also include assisting the client with responding to any questions that may arise. (BEST VALUE).

Option #3 Toulson Enterprises' completes the Client's Application, and prepares all of the required Documents; Prepares ONE Special Narrative; Provides Limited Oral Consultation; Prepares a detailed written report outlining Application deficiencies, if any; and, Provides assistance in responding to questions that may arise. (NEW)

Option #4 The Client receives FULL APPLICATION Services. Under this option, Toulson Enterprises completes the client's application to include all required Forms & Documents; Provides Unlimited Oral Consultation; Prepares one Special narrative; Online Electronic Application Filing; and Prepares of inquiries from the Certifying Agency.