GSA Schedule

GSA Schedule are also referred to as Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) and Federal Supply Schedules. Under the GSA Schedules program, GSA establishes long-term government conracts with Commercial Firms. As such potential customers have access to over 11 Million products and/ or Services at volume discount pricing., and a GSA Schedule provides a fast, flexible and cost-effective procurement solution to their customers.

Some of the benefits a customer will experience when using you as an approved GSA Schedule vendor is as follows:

» Cost savings
» Flexibility and Choice
» Save Time
» Achieve Transparency
» Control of the Procurement
» Preapproved Vendor

Quick Contact

We offer Three levels of Service to our Clients

Option #1 Clients are to complete the Application under the guidance of Toulson Enterprises.. Upon full completion of the Application, the client will submit their application to Toulson Enterprises. Upon receipt we will review it for completeness and to identify application deficiencies.
The client will receive a detail written report of our findings.

Option #2 Clients are to complete the Application under the guidance of Toulson Enterprises. During the Application process Toulson Enterprises will serve as an Expert Resource to provide Unlimited Oral Consultation and Limited Written guidance to the Client and review all completed documents to assure completeness and to identify any deficiencies which could adversely affect Application approval by GSA. Our review will also include a written report to identify application deficiencies along with corrective measures.

Option #3 Clients receive Full Application Services. Under this Option Toulson Enterprises will complete the GSA Schedule Application with the Client serving as a Resource to procure all and any information requested by Toulson Enterprises to complete the Application. Under this option, the Client still assumes the Sole responsibility for the Completion of the (1) GSA Training Course, (2) SAM registration,(3) ORCA, (4) Financial Statements, and(5) Open Ratings requirements.